Avalon Tree 3

Avalon Tree 3


Bronze, Painted Aluminium, Soundscape, Lightscape and Video

H267 x W58 x D61 cm (H105 x W23 x D24 in)

Soundscape composed by Ebe Oke


Avalon is an immersive installation that creates the emotional experience of a forest, the primeval feelings of calm, mystery and peace that we instinctively feel, placing yourself within this infinity of the unknown. The forest is so familiar yet so unknown, invoking the in trepidation of a journey. With its density and clearings, the tactility of the solid bronze sculptures, like static giants, solitude creatures bound together by the vastness of the infinity space that has been created. The coldness of touch and warm, gentle and inviting nature of their visual expression, the changing qualities of light and sound on them and the audience. The visual poetry of the sound and light animations and compositions that shift and respond to the cycles of time and nature.