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Driade has long been renowned for its iconic and eclectic style, contextually much of which has been linked to the historical Italianate surroundings of the fresco filled palazzo. Progressing to the next chapter, Fredrikson Stallard has given Driade a new vision based on this contextual environment, one that maintains this historical and eclectic grandeur but drives it further into a more contemporary and stronger international future. Fredrikson Stallard’s decision to continue this momentum for Driade was paramount, but it was equally important to extract, distort and abstract these references into simple qualities.

Art Directing their presence at the Salone del Mobile, Fredrikson Stallard have created a monumental architectural environment, pulling in references from the grand Italian Renaissance style, celebrating its architecture and gardens. The decision to abstract these historical references informed Fredrikson Stallard to concentrate and emphasise three key materials: stone, gold and water, each representing key historical elements – the functional, the opulent and the fluid – which in combination elevate each other. The result is a striking installation framed by large scale concrete monoliths towering up as architectural brutalist structures, creating a minimalist landscape that allows Driade to showcase their new 2014 collection in a gallery environment. The tall concrete structures are offset by an equally vast expanse of gold leaf positioned as backdrop contrasting the cast concrete structures, adding warmth and luxe, something Driade is so well known for.

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