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Fredrikson Stallard presented Prologue at the heart of D3 in Dubai. It is the first time Prologue has been exhibited in the Middle East and in the dessert sun it was truly magnificent.

The external structure, that rests on top of two industrial beams, is fabricated in mild steel. Patinated to express its natural process of ageing, its materiality also references the construction renaissance the area has been under. The circle is the end and the beginning, a cycle of infinite potential. And the work’s title is itself a prefix, alluding to what is yet to come. Scale is paramount to Prologue, it’s intended to dwarf the viewer yet not be overbearing. Its dazzling beauty created by the luminous veil of crystals generates awe and ignites a primeval response. Here, light translates into a sculptural medium becoming an illusory phenomenon.

During the day, Prologue will be governed by natural daylight, yet at night, an artificial lighting design will illuminate the sculpture so it transforms into the moon. At no point will it ever be the same. Ever changing and adapting Prologue’s sensory aspect will be heightened.

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