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It is ten years since the inaugural show “Gloves for an Armless Venus” in New York where Fredrikson Stallard created their first major collection, the foundation for their signature flux of craft, industrial, contextual, sculptural and avant grade.

Fredrikson Stallard have subsequently worked internationally with some of the worlds most prestigious galleries, interior designers and architects, luxury brands from the worlds of fashion, jewellery, champagne, fragrance and film, as well as receiving numerous awards, and having their work purchased by both esteemed collectors and for permanent collections of major museums.

Working with their anchor gallery David Gill Gallery and other inspirational partners and patrons has facilitated Fredrikson Stallard’s diverse and exciting development over the past decade. With that accumulated prowess, and for the first time since that inaugural show, Fredrikson Stallard are creating a new collection of work where the design is entirely self driven by a desire to create amazing objects whose existence is derived purely from their core ideologies and vision.

The new body of works will be shown at the event “Momentum” this September at the theatrical Fredrikson Stallard studio and HQ in Holborn. The works presented will comprise of one off, edition and also transitory pieces which will only last for the duration of the event, spanning across the realms of furniture, sculpture, product and print.

“Momentum” is a celebration of the experimental and the rigorous, the unique versus the mass produced, the importance of conceptual and creative development underlining the artists aesthetics and beliefs. But Momentum is also an anniversary of ten incredible engaging years of working with visionary patrons and craftspeople who have helped facilitate the development of true creativity into extraordinary works, and this show acts as a personal interlude towards future destinations.

23rd – 27th September

Opening Hours – 11am – 6pm

10 Warner Street London EC1R 5HA

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